Risk Management Foundations (ISO 31000 – 2018)

Course Overview


Risk Management (ISO 31000)

In pursuit of your goals in your company, gaining potential opportunities and avoiding threats, this course takes you on an interactive 18-hour journey on a solid base of accurate information and definitions, in which we review the principles and processes of risk management with reference to the international guide ISO 31000 2018,
We wander between both internal & external context of the project or the business which risk management to be applied in to determine the plan and the appropriate success criteria, and then we move to the process of identifying risks clearly around business aiming to understand these risks with their dimensions, source, extent of impact and likelihood of occurrence so that we can deal with properly and manage them effectively and efficiently.
The aim of this course is not only to acquire information or concepts, but beyond that to come up with a strong conviction not only of the importance of risk management, but in our ability to make the decision to start a smooth, gradual and strong application of risk management and continue our business path with confidence.



Course Outline

Course Contents & objectives
• This course
• Standard ISO 31000 overview
• Introduction & Definitions
• Risk Management Principles & Framework
• Risk Management Processes Overview
• Risk Management Tools & Techniques
• Plan Risk Management, Scope and criteria
• Create your own assessment Matrix
• Identifying Risks around business
• Understanding Risks
• Evaluating and taking decisions
• Monitoring & review
• Integration
• Going forward to strongly & streamlined application



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Risk Management Foundations (ISO 31000 – 2018)

Course Duration: 12 hrs.

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